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Ibiza is often regarded as a playground for clubbers , hedonists and music lovers, but  apart from  the island being undeniably the BEST place for any of these pastimes, Ibiza has many, many more experiences to offer all ages! 

The island is full of surprises which never fail to amaze at all times of the year. Get off the beaten track and explore! 

Have you heard about the island’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, blinked twice at  the rustic charm, drunk in the breathtaking beauty, and  smiled at all the “fun in the sun” things you can  do? 

How about some sports, private bike trails, guided walks, private yacht hire, people-watching on cobbled street pavement cafes, lolling in the most turquoise waters you will ever see this side of the Caribbean? Long cool drinks are the order of the day  ( and night) at most times of the year, and dining out  ranges from the “expensive-but-worth-it” to the “cheap and cheerful”! Some of the best sunsets  and sunrises you will ever  have the privilege to see are to be had  in Ibiza!

Sun, sand, surf and sangria are all here, as is the unique ambience nightlife with world-class famous DJs, but Ibiza can show you some unforgettable holiday sights, sounds and experiences too, whatever your tastes……  memories to treasure  for  always  are just a click away!


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