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The number of restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries on the island is vast! In the heat, stay out of the kitchen, and enjoy eating out, or outdoors at your luxury holiday villa! Why not hire a chef for the night or have a Hog Roast done for you on site?

The choices of places to eat out at is dazzling! Choose to eat on the quayside, up in the hills, on the beach, in the town, or in a tiny village! Plenty of variety keeps the competition on their toes to entice you with the good quality they offer, combining great cuisine with unique settings and often panoramic views! Dine in style! Or why not grab a picnic and get out onto the water to enjoy it on one of our many boat options for a memorable day out?!

Spanish cuisine is based on fresh produce, and Ibiza boasts several of her own specialities, which you can see out and about in some local shops, alongside International produce. Look out for “ensaimadas” soft doughy coils of sweet bread, usually had for breakfast with your morning coffee!

With Ibiza being a Mediterranean island, one of the things Ibiza does best is fish and seafood! Fresh and tasty, it is possible to sit at the waters edge and savour the catch of the day direct from the boats. Try lobster, swordfish, crab or prawns in garlic!

Another speciality of Ibiza is local lamb, and is often served in the many open-air grill restaurants, with sweet grilled peppers, alioli mayonnaise, and olives, with locally baked unleven bread. Tapas is fast becoming a worldwide phenomena, and are small portions of various delicacies, ( cheese, seafood, salads, olives, chorizos, squid etc to name but a few) which are usually enjoyed with a long cool drink as a mid-mealtime snack, or a meal in itself if you order several. Just take a look at whats on offer in each establishment and make your choice, if you can!

Vegetarians are well catered for on the island as many restaurants offer pasta and rice dishes, tortillas (omelettes with potatoes), fish options, and some offer fresh vegetables from their own gardens! Rice dishes are always on offer, not just paellas of various forms, but also hearty homemade soups and casseroles with rice in, like the traditional “guisat de peix” fish stew. Local sausages like “sobrasada “and “butifarra” are made locally and rich and often spicy, to be found in most delicatessens and some butchers.

Wine is also made on the island and growing in popularity from the Can Rich vineyards on the West Coast.

International fare can be enjoyed in many places around the island. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, German, French and Dutch, plus of course British influenced establishments as well, are all around Ibiza, some with their own night-scene and DJs playing whilst you eat! But it is always possible just to enjoy the quiet laidback ambience of enjoying a “bocadillo” sandwich of cured ham or local cheese with a glass of good wine ! The choice is yours!

It need not be expensive to eat out in Ibiza. You can find in most places a daily changing “menu of the day” a set three course meal with a drink for around 10 euros or less, so eating out daily is a distinctly easy possibility on your holiday!

Locally produced beer, wine and spirits, plus local liquers are widely available as are cocktails, and plenty of cold drinks like smoothies and crushed ice drinks made from locally grown fruit too. Prices vary from the cheap and cheerful, to the most elegant and memorable locations with a real WOW factor, to cater for the super-visitors, for that very special day or night out! We will be happy to give you some local recommendations on arrival of recommended places to visit to eat out at! Bon Appetit, or as they say here in Ibiza “Que aproveche!”


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